2024 Resolution Run & Walk 5K

Mon January 1, 2024 Hillsborough, NJ 08844 US Directions

2023 Resolutions

2023 Participant Resolutions as of 12/10/2022

1.       Run a half marathon

2.       I want more patience and I want it NOW!

3.       Be Better

4.       To be a better me at the end of 2023

5.       Start running again!  Pandemic is over!

6.       Stay on track!

7.       All in, every day.

8.       To keep running!

9.       Keep moving forward!

10.   Ha ha…cannot put it in writing - don’t want people to judge me

11.   To practice more mindfulness and make time to meet my fitness goals.

12.   To do well in school.

13.   To gain more skills

14.   I resolve to meet the expectations of me held by my family…

15.   Which should be a breeze since they are justifiably low.

16.   I resolve to keep up with my husband.

17.   To focus on finding my joy and keeping my commitment to being the best version of me I can be

18.   Walk one 5k per month.

19.   Live a great story.

20.   Keep running

21.   To actually run the run :)

22.   Make good choices!

23.   Have more patience.

24.   Run more than last year (which was 0 miles- I did it!)

25.   Run Cross Country next year!

26.   To continue to grow and develop as a person and to stay happy and healthy.

27.   Be better!

28.   Became faster runner

29.   Fun full marathon

30.   To run 50 miler in 2023.

31.   Finish the Chicago Marathon this year

32.   Do good.

33.   Run Paris and Berlin Marathon and Qualify for Boston in 2023!

34.   Stop focusing/worrying what I’m not and start celebrating what I am. So that I can hopefully pass ...

35.   Complete marathon 12 and then push for ultra 1

36.   Keep on keeping on......peace, love and happiness!

37.   Stay healthy and injury free

38.   To try and run a 5k every month this year. Weather dependent.

39.   To Get My Life Back PV

40.   Put myself back together, one piece at a time. Live life to the fullest. Love and love more….peace...

41.   To give thanks to God in all things.

42.   Make more running friends!

43.   Run more!

44.   Throw my phone in a drawer for the majority of each day!

45.   To keep my life in balance, and continue to support the Rock Steady Boxing fighters and their families.

46.   Read more and have more patience

47.   To keep improving!

48.   I prefer not to say

49.   Work hard & have fun

50.   To continue to earn healthiness. Enjoy family and friends.

51.   Enjoying food but in moderation while finding a healthier overall lifestyle for a long fun life

52.   Make a resolution when I register for 2024 Resolution Run.

53.   Be more patient

54.   Eat Healthier and be more active

55.   Every day doesn't need a to do list!

56.   Keep going to reach my goals

57.   Run one mile everyday and set a new PR

58.   Complete the Jersey City Marathon

59.   To eat clean and train harder

60.   Keep my new kidney healthy

61.   Becoming more open to trying new things like eating new foods or visiting different places while con...

62.   Complete my second and third marathons!

63.   Get up and out and DO SOMETHING

64.   It was 2010 when I got my first Resolution Run Hoodie...my 2023 resolution is to continue this tradition

65.   Keep moving!!!!!

66.   To be a runner

67.   Stay healthy and fit!

68.   To get healthier in the New Year!!

69.   Run 2 half marathons in 2023.

70.   My resolution is to stop making resolutions

71.   Complete a marathon

72.   To train for and complete my first marathon.

73.   Live in the moment

74.   Love ya Mom

75.   To be a more supportive and inclusive runner.

76.   To a successful new beginning and a Happy New Year to everyone!!

77.   TRY to worry less. Live harder !

78.   Hug more people!  Life is too short

79.   To get to the weight my doctor would like to be or at least down 20 lbs!

80.   Spend more quality time with the dog

81.   To spend more time working...with my favorite co-worker, the dog :)

82.   Now that I learned spanish, it is time to take over the world!

83.   To assist my Dad in taking over the world, (but buy speaking Italian).

84.   Set a new marathon PR!  

85.   Reinvent me - from healthy eating to learning more about who I want to be

86.   Keep being Vertical!!!  Will hit a major milestone in 2023

87.   To complete Olympic Distance Triathlon

88.   Continue practicing mindfulness regularly

89.   To stay healthy and get back into marathon training shape!

90.   Run my first marathon!

91.   Spectate my honey's marathon!

92.   Complete the JFK 50 when after I turn fiddy.

93.   To become the best version of me yet.

94.   Keep getting fit and healthy

95.   Do this race next year

96.   Finish another nyc marathon

97.   Run more, eat less!

98.   Kick Names Take Ass

99.   To brush my teeth every night before going to bed.

100. Each day is precious! Enjoy it to the fullest!

101. Run a race in different states

102.  Live with joy and celebrate all the good in the world!

103.  Healthy and happy for my 50th birthday!

104.  To completely clean out all the clutter in my condo, deep clean and paint it.

105.  To stay fit by doing a 5K a month in 2023!!

106.  Keep on truckin’

107.  Get back into running after a few minor health setbacks

108.  To continue to run

109.  Beat my times for 2022

110.  Meet challenges.

111. Make 2023 Project Graduation best yet!

112. To continue to stay in shape and hopefully run a 5K each month!

113.  Get married and not mess it up.

114.  Figure out my path

115.  To be brave!

116.  Continue to forge ahead with my doctorate classes.

117.   Enjoy retirement

118.   Keep moving!

119.  Run a marathon

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