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Support of this event represents an opportunity for area businesses and others to visibly demonstrate a commitment to the community.  Every level of sponsorship and each individual donation makes a significant contribution to our goals.  Various levels of sponsorship are available:

PRESENTER or CO-PRESENTER (Gift of $6,000)

This contribution insures the success of the event.  You will have your logo prominently displayed on our website homepage and the Sponsor Page.  A direct link to your website will be provided.  Your name will be in every press release and will be prominently displayed at the Race. Your name and logo will be on the cover of the official Race Handout.  Your business cards, handouts, special offers or other giveaways will be included in the Race Package given to each participant. You will receive acknowledgement as the Presenter at the post-awards ceremony. Finally, but perhaps most importantly, your logo, will be shown on the back of our custom-designed, high quality hooded sweatshirt.  Most events of this type list all sponsors on the back of the shirt, but the Resolution Run 5K hooded sweatshirt will set you apart!  (Please note:  Hillsborough Massage Therapy is the 2020 Presenter.  Let us know if you wish to be the Co-Presenter.)

PLATINUM SPONSOR (Gift of $600+)

Platinum Sponsor’s name will be included in all press releases and will be shown on our website. A link to the Platinum Sponsor’s website will be available. You may supply business cards, handouts, special offers or other giveaways to be included in the Race Package given to each participant. The Platinum Sponsor’s name, logo or business card will be printed in the Race Handout. You will receive acknowledgement at the post-awards ceremony. Platinum Sponsors names will be listed prior to Gold Sponsors.

GOLD SPONSOR (Gifts of $300+)

Sponsor’s name will be included in all press releases and will be shown on our website.  A link to the Sponsor’s website will be available.  Sponsor may supply business cards, handouts, special offers or other giveaways for the Race Package.  Sponsor’s name, logo or business card will be in the Race Handout.  Gold Sponsors will be acknowledged at the Awards Ceremony.

PATRON (Gifts of $100 up to $299)

This year you may have a limited budget and the Resolution Run 5K may not be at the top of your list.  This level allows you to still participate and support our event.  Each Patron’s name or business name will be printed in BOLD in the Race Handout.

CONTRIBUTOR (Gifts up to $99)

This category offers individuals as well as others to become involved.  Your name will be printed in our Race Handout and your assistance will be appreciated.  Gifts of any size will help!


We will need refreshments (water, cups, pretzels, bagels, bananas, apples, etc.) to feed participants after the race.  We’ll also need refreshments for our volunteers.  We need awards to give to the top three female/male runners and the age-group and Masters winners.  Maybe you can think of something else!

We also appreciate Random Prize Gifts to give away to our participants.  These can include free dinners, show or movie tickets, beauty treatments, store credits, or other valuable gifts not generally available to the public and worth a minimum of $25 with no matching expenditure required. 

In-Kind Contributions and Random Prize Gifts will be publicly acknowledged at the Awards Ceremony.  Acceptance will be subject to approval by the Race, but we are quite flexible.  Use your imagination!

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For Sponsorship questions or suggestions, please contact Courtney Newman, Resolution Run 5K Race Director.

Benefactors of the Event:

Graduates of Hillsborough's Class of 2020 will enjoy a high-spirited, all-night celebration and party immediately following the commencement exercises in June. This popular local effort is part of a nationally recognized program whose goal is to provide a drug and alcohol free celebration of life while giving graduates a positive sendoff. According to the Prosper Press in a publication dated February 21, 2016:

  • The percentage of teen automobile fatalities involving alcohol jumps from 33 percent to 40 percent on the night of graduation.

  • One-third of those younger than 21 who die in car accidents lose their lives during graduation season.

  • In a 2010 poll, 79 percent of seniors admitted teens were more likely to drink and drive on graduation night.

Rock Steady Boxing is a unique program in Hillsborough organized by Barbara Kelly to improve symptoms and quality of life in people diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. This cause is important to us as the Resolution Run Founder, Gary Verhoorn, says this program has helped him tremendously following his own diagnosis. Our goal in 2020 is to fund educational programs and support a scholarship program for those in our community who may not be able to participate as a result of limited funds.

Local Pet Rescue Groups

Payee Info:

Checks should be made payable to the Resolution For Others Foundation. The sooner we receive your pledge of sponsorship, the sooner we can start to associate your name with this event, so please contact us as soon as possible. 

Please note that this is not a nonprofit organization.

Mailing Address

Resolution Run 5K
P.O. Box 5853
Hillsborough, NJ 08844
Courtney @ 908.872.0217