The resolution run is a walker friendly event for everyone!

This years run will start at:
11 am, Wednesday, Jan 1, 2020
Hillsborough, NJ

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Course Information

Course Information


The Resolution Run 5K takes place in Hillsborough Township, Somerset County, New Jersey. The five-kilometer (3.1 mile) loop course is USA Track & Field – New Jersey (USATF-NJ) sanctioned and certified. The entire course takes place on paved surfaces. The route can be considered mostly flat with no significant changes in elevation.

Police or course marshals will be stationed at all major turns and intersections. The course will be well marked.  A vehicle will lead the pack, and a vehicle will follow the last runner or walker in.  In most cases, the roads used will be open to traffic.  Participants are therefore urged to use caution.  A significant part of the course is marked for bike lanes or uses lightly traveled roads.


Click here to view the USATF Certified Course Map

Start heading east in front of the Library Entrance of the Hillsborough Municipal Building, located at the corner of Beekman Lane and South Branch Road.  Make one loop of the Municipal Building  (Details:  Proceed to first driveway.  Turn left. Proceed to second driveway, turn left again. Continue past the Police Department.  The road curves left.  Turn left at next driveway on left.)

After completing the short loop, continue out the driveway to Beekman Lane. Turn right.  Go a short distance to traffic light and make right onto South Branch Road (formerly Amwell Road, also sometimes referred to as “Old Amwell Road”). Continue on South Branch Road to Longfield Drive.  Turn right.  The first mile marker is just before the right turn onto Longfield.

Continue on Longfield.  At second street on left (Drake Road, approx. 1.1 miles), turn left.  Follow Drake around to end and make right onto Hampshire Drive (1.3 miles).  Continue to end at Longfield Drive and make left (1.4 miles).  Take Longfield to end, turn left at Conover Drive (1.7 miles).  Make first right onto Lane Road (1.8 miles).  Turn right at Lewis Street (1.85 miles).  Follow Lewis to end, which is the intersection with Peterson Road.  Mile Two is before the Peterson Road intersection, in front of Lewis Street House #22 on right.

At Peterson Road, turn right, follow to intersection with Conover Drive (2.2 miles). Turn left.  Follow Conover to end, which is the intersection with Beekman Lane. Turn right (2.3 miles).  Follow Beekman past Van Bolton Road to Municipal Building, on right.  Enter second driveway (3.0 miles) to Finish Line, which is 110 feet west of Start Line.


Certain roads in the vicinity may be closed beginning at 10:30 AM and participants and spectators are encouraged to arrive before this time. Although sufficient parking is available in at the Municipal Complex, participants are encouraged to carpool.  Street parking is restricted near the Municipal Complex and illegally parked cars will be ticketed and/or removed.


From the North Jersey Area:

Take Parkway South to I-78 West and then to I-287 South.  (Alternate:  Take I-80 West to I-287 South.)

Get off I-287 at Somerville (Route 206/202) Exit.

Follow signs to Route 206 South (Keep to right after I-287 exit.  Be careful not to exit to Route 22.)  Immediately after the Route 22 exits, bear right.  There is a traffic light at the shopping center to meter flow into the circle.

Follow circle around to continue on Route 206 South.  You will bear right after you go under the overpass.

Now start counting traffic lights.  You are about 15-20 minutes from your destination.

At the 15th traffic light (they come fast), make a right turn onto Amwell Road. This is the fourth light after the I-HOP.  As another point of reference, it is one traffic light after New Amwell Road, where there is a Dunkin Donuts and a BP Station.  Amwell Road is also known as Route 514 and has a Shell Station and a Shop Rite on the corners.  It’s also the first right after the Seven-Eleven.

After turning onto Amwell Road, go to the third traffic light.  Make a right (Beekman Lane).  Go one traffic light and make a left (South Branch Road). Parking lots are on your right.

From the South Jersey Area:

Take Route 206 North from the Princeton area, through Montgomery Township. After crossing over the railroad bridge (where Route 206 makes a sharp right), start counting traffic lights.  At the fifth traffic light, make a left turn onto Amwell Road (Route 514).

After turning onto Amwell Road, go to the third traffic light.  Make a right (Beekman Lane).  Go one traffic light and make a left (South Branch Road). Parking lots are on your right.

From the East or the West:

Take Amwell Road (Route 514) towards Hillsborough. 

From the East, go to the third traffic light past Route 206 and turn right to Beekman Lane.  Go one traffic light and make a left (South Branch Road). Parking lots are on your right.

Traveling from the west, continue in Hillsborough.  Look for the Beekman Lane traffic light about a mile past East Mountain Avenue.  Turn left at the Beekman Lane light, go one light and make a left (South Branch Road).  Parking lots are on your right.

Race Information

Race Information

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