Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is it called the Resolution Run 5K and what are the goals of the event?
Since the race is on New Year's Day, it gives us an opportunity to secure our New Year's Resolution(s) through participation in the 3.1 mile (5K) event. If we can complete this event, we are well on the way to seeing through all our Resolutions!
Our goal is to put on a quality race for runners and walkers and to encourage broad participation from the Community. We also want to encourage a healthy lifestyle and give you a fun way to start the New Year! 

Q: Why do you ask for our Resolution when we register?
Because it's fun and gives you something to think about! Maybe the Resolution Run SK is just the incentive you need to accomplish your goal. Last year we handed out a copy of the Resolutions on Raceday and quite a few of our participants enjoyed seeing what others had pledged. Your answer is optional, and we never publish the Resolution with your name attached. Whatever your Resolution, whether it is to graduate from school, maybe lose a few pounds, maybe get in better shape or even to run a marathon, give it some thought!

Q: Do I really have to run the whole race?
Absolutely not! The "Run" in our name is a bit misleading. We are very "walker friendly," and warmly welcome recreational walkers, race walkers, joggers and runners. There is no time cutoff. You can mix your style with some walking, some running; in short, its whatever you feel comfortable doing. The course remains "open" until the last person crosses the Finish Line. To make sure everybody finishes who wants to, we have a special vehicle which follows the last person right to the Finish Line.

Q: Who benefits from the Resolution Run 5K?
We all benefit! Runners and walkers begin the New Year on a positive, upbeat note while helping to raise funds for some good causes.

In 2020, the race will support Project Graduation for Hillsborough’s Class of 2020, Rock Steady Boxing and local pet rescue organizations.

Q: Who are the organizers of this Race? What have they done before?
From 2001 to 2018, the Race Director was Gary Verhoorn.  Courtney Newman took over the race in 2019 and is also the Race Director for The Steeplechase Distance Run and Princeton Half Marathon. 

Q: What are the registration fees for the Resolution Run 5K?
Registration Fees depend on when and how you register. All fees are nonrefundable and
nontransferable.  USATF-NJ members and those 18 and Under may reduce the amount by $3.00 at any time.
Online Fees (There no additional fees added for online registration.) 
Early Registration is $32 and runs through October 15, 2019
Regular Registration is $37 and takes place between October 16, 2019 and December 25, 2019, unless race closes earlier, as it has in the past due to maximum capacity reached (600 participants).

Q: Can I register on Raceday?
NO. All registration is prior to the Race. This allows us to better plan for those that are registered and simplifies preparation, race timing and many Raceday items. We can give participants a better, more organized, event.

Q: What if it snows?
Wear snowshoes! But seriously, we expect the Resolution Run 5K to take place regardless of the weather. You should be prepared for cold weather and possible windy, slippery or wet conditions. It may be raining or snowing. It may also be a beautiful, sunny New Year's Day with temperatures in the 50's! We will consult with police and other safety officials prior to the Race. Their decision will, of course, prevail. If we need to cancel the Race, we will notify you via email and our Hotline. We will arrange for a way for you to receive your hoody, but we will not be able to reschedule the event.

Q: What about the Course?
The Resolution Run 5K course starts at the Peter J Biondi Building (Hillsborough Township Municipal Complex) on the corner of South Branch Road and Beekman Lane. It follows a generally circular clockwise route on flat paved roads through several local neighborhoods. The Finish Line is back at the Municipal Building. The course is USATF-NJ Certified as NJ12030LMB. The course is "flat and fast."  Click here for course map. 
Q: How do I get to the Race? Where do I park? What time should I be there?
The Race will take place in Hillsborough Township, located in Somerset County, NJ. Hillsborough is centrally located and can be reached via Interstates 287, 78 and 95 as well as several state highways(Route 206 goes through Hillsborough Township) and many county roads. See our "Course & Travel" section for detailed directions.  Travel from any location to the Municipal Building can be obtained from any search engine.  The street address is 379 So Branch Rd 08844.   The Hillsborough Township Municipal Complex has on-site parking.   The race will begin promptly at 11:00 am. You should allow enough time to check-in and pin your bib number on (we'll have safety pins for you) and warm up prior to the race. Since all participants will be pre-registered, there will be a smooth progression through the check-in process.  Allow enough time so you will not feel rushed. After all, we are just starting out a New Year and who wants to be in a hurry?  Check-in, race number pick-up and sweatshirt distribution will take place indoors in the Multi-Purpose Room at the Hillsborough Township Municipal Building. The entrance doors closest to the Library will be open. Race organizers will be on site by 9:30 am on Raceday. Indoor bathroom facilities are available.
Q: Are there Awards? What about Random Prizes?
YES, we have plenty of both! This year's awards will be announced in December.  First, second and third overall female and male and first place female and male Masters (40+) will receive a valuable gift.  In addition, the first, second & third in each of the Age Groups will be announced.  The fourteen Age Groups are: 9 and Under, 10-14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79 and 80+.  Random Prizes will also be given out. Last year we had gift certificates and packages donated by several local businesses. We'll also have some surprise award categories on Raceday! The awards presentations will take place immediately after the conclusion of the Race, as soon as we have the results from the Finish Line computers.

Q: Will you have a Team Competition?
We've tried to keep it simple and decided not to have a Team Competition.

Q: Will you have refreshments after the Race?
Definitely! Anyone who comes out on New Year's Day to run or walk 3.1 miles will need some refueling when finished. We'll have a variety of food and drink (non-alcoholic) after the Race.  Water and fruit will also be available after you finish. Oh, and we'll make sure the refreshments are available to even the final Finisher!

Q: Tell me about the hooded sweatshirt.
All registered runners will be entitled to a quality, custom designed long sleeved, hooded "Resolution Run Sweatshirt." The hoody will have the Resolution Run Logo on the front and the Race Presenter's logo on the reverse. You will be amazed at the quality of this garment!  It will keep you warm all winter. Sweatshirts will not be available until Raceday.  Previous years' sweatshirts are a classic item, a real collector's gem! We expect to be able to offer some previous year hoodies for sale at a greatly reduced price!

Q17: What's the "Finisher's Bonus?"
Every Finisher will get a ribbon to show your friends and family what you did on New Year's Day!  

Q: Are strollers, skates or wheelchairs allowed?
We cannot allow these for safety and insurance reasons and due to the possibility of snow or ice patches on the course. Although every reasonable effort will be made to keep the course clear and clean, we ask that you only walk or run the course.

Q: Will you have computerized timing? How do I get my results?
Compuscore, New Jersey's foremost timing and finish line coordinator, is scoring our race.   Results will be available immediately after the conclusion of the race.  Full results will be posted on the timer's website. Just click on this Compuscore link for results.  

Q: Is this race eligible for USATF-NJ Grand Prix Event points?
YES. We have received full sanctioning as a USATF-NJ Grand Prix Event at the 500 point level. This will be a Year 2020 Grand Prix event. USATF-NJ members may enter your membership number on the application.

Q: This sounds like fun! I would like to volunteer to help on Raceday. What do I do?
Wow! We love you! Please contact us. You can download our Volunteer Sign Up form HERE. We need as many volunteers as we can get. We won't be able to pay you or compensate you (OK, you can share in the Refreshments!), but you will have the grateful thanks of the organizers and each runner and walker.

Q: How can I become a Sponsor or a Patron? What's a Presenter and what's a Contributor?
We are glad you asked this one! See our SPONSOR PAGE for details and instructions about how to become involved in the Resolution Run 5K. Besides cash contributions, there are several areas that we need help in which require services or products you may be able to supply.  All contributions and gifts will be acknowledged in a special handout given to all Resolution Run 5K participants on Raceday.

Q: Where did you get your logo?
We're glad you asked this question because we like it, too! There is race in Colorado with a name very similar to ours and we admired the logo they used one year so much we asked if we could use it. Well, the race director agreed and we are very grateful to them. If you are in Denver, Colorado, on New Year's Eve, you'll be able to do the Resolution Run, a benefit for the Family Resource Center Association.  Of course, don't
forget to hurry back to New Jersey for our very own Resolution Run 5K!

Q: What if I have other questions?
There are several ways to contact us for additional information.  We prefer the email option, since we can usually answer faster.
US Mail: Resolution Run 5K, P.O. Box 5853, Hillsborough, NJ 08844
Telephone: (908) 872-0217

Q: Exactly how do I register?
We thought you would never ask! It's simple. Just click here. Check back here occasionally for updates and new information.